On Edge.

After doing a bit of research on this nifty algorithm Facebook uses called Edgerank, I decided to scroll through my news feed and see if I could recognize any sort of pattern. Mind you, I still saw the annoying blasts of the people that continually blow up my feed but I did notice my roommates and family were very prevalent.

So, what exactly is Edgerank you ask?

Well, here is a nifty photo that sums it up:

Screen shot 2013-11-13 at 9.53.09 PM

What exactly are these three variables?

  1. Affinity: a user’s past interaction with another Facebook, including clicks, likes and comments. Edgerank makes the assumption that if a user interacted in the past, and more recent the better, then they have an interest in your content and therefore your posts are more likely to show up on their News Feed.
  2. Weight: an individual post’s priority, based on type. A post has a certain “hierarchy” of influence: pictures and videos are the most engaging, and therefore take a higher priority. Links, plain text and statuses are of lesser importance and will have less weight. A user’s interaction with posts also takes weight. Comments rank higher than likes.
  3. Time Decay: This one is entirely based on the natural decay of your post. You have no control over it and it simply means that the longer your post has been  active the less likely it will show up on news feeds.

What does this mean for companies with a Facebook? Your brand will ultimately be judged by its ability to engage their audience. From a marketing standpoint, it’s another hoop to jump through in order to reach your intended audience.

Mark Cuban discusses how Facebook is a necessary aspect of social media when it comes to branding but it is vital that companies use all facets of social media, for example Twitter and WordPress. Edgerank allows your feed to be filled with only information that is engaging to you. This inevitably makes things more difficult from a marketing perspective… You now are dealing with an algorithm that is ever changing.


Next time we all check our Facebook we need to ask ourselves “Is this what I really want to see?”