Mobile Revolution


If I leave the house and realize I left my phone at home I will turn around no matter the circumstance and head back to grab it. My mobile device is within five feet of me about 95% of the day. Without it I feel disconnected and anxious. I have created this obnoxious habit, just like many of my peers, where I manage to check my phone an unreasonable amount throughout the day.

We are part of a generation that cannot comprehend life without a mobile device. Some would even say it is a part of us. It is how we express ourselves and communicate with the rest of the world.

And this is why the mobile market has advanced to what it is today. This is a focus for brands considering consumers are waiting to engulf digital content on their devices. This is a new medium that brands cannot look over with consumers. This is a way to connect with mobile users anywhere and anytime.

Ironically enough, as I am writing this lovely blog, my three roommates come into my room to distract me. At one point it gets quiet, I turn around and all three of them are texting on their phones…

So, what does this mean for marketers and everyday people?

It is a mobile revolution. According to Marko Muellner, “nearly 50 percent of users access social media via their mobile phones, which means that social audiences are becoming increasingly synonymous with mobile audiences.” This means, if you want your business to be successful, it needs to be compatible with a mobile device. Your website needs to mobile optimized but still represents their company as a whole. It is vital that marketers fully heighten the mobile experience. Below is a graphic that shows how much an average user spends on Facebook on their mobile phone versus desktop:


Mobile offers exciting new ways to serve users. The potential continues to grow considering it is becoming a much more powerful advertising medium. In the end, it is about the en- tire mobile consumer experience, both conventional and digital.