A Bored Generation


The future of marketing is in the hands of social media. It is now unreasonably simple to access an entire population, whereas 50 years ago it would have taken weeks if not months. This is a gold mine for those who want to promote ideas and develop a presence in this competitive age of marketing.

Living in this age of information has created this sense of grief when we walk out the door without our smartphones in our pocket.  The average person checks their phones 34 times a day according to cnn.com. It is time for marketers take advantage of our obsessive habit and develop alternative ways to actually engage consumers. Everyday we are bombarded with more social media advertisements than we can count. We have become immune to them and in order for something to actually engage the average consumer it will take a lot more than a tweet or a Facebook post. We need to utilize these resources and this accessibility by standing out with emotional or engaging videos. A prime example of an engaging video is on the following link:

Dear Sophie

Social media has become so prevalent that in order for marketers to actually engage their target audience they have to take the time to actively engage them and develop an intimacy and relationship that creates a unique experience.

It is time for marketers to step out of the box with this new generation of obsessive smart phone users. We need to intrigue them enough in order to stop their perpetual scrolling by creating a new form of engaging marketing.




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