Invest in Inbound

What is Inbound Marketing?

Inbound marketing forces us to think about how the consumers are researching and how they filter and make decisions about what they actually spend their time looking at and ultimately buying. Inbound marketing is technology oriented and the overall objective is to raise awareness of your brand to these potential customers. Inbound marketing is all about reaching the customer base that previously was inaccessible. Below is a lovely graphic from of the major resources used for inbound marketing:


People have become so accustomed to traditional ways of marketing that most can effectively tune it out. Inbound marketing steps outside the box of the customary marketing skills and utilizes the various aspects of digital marketing such as search engine optimization and social media.  Marketers now need to focus on the places where their prospective customers actually spend time and find ways to entice people to continue pass-along of their information. Inbound marketing is all about being unique when it comes to being noticed. Marketers need to step it up with an intriguing video instead of the same old tweet or blog post.  Below is another graphic from that expresses the least effective types of inbound marketing:


There still is a lot of room to educate agencies and firms about the potential of inbound marketing.  According to Hubspot, “Nearly 60% of marketers have adopted inbound strategies, while 19% unsure how to categorize their efforts”.  Surprisingly enough, nonprofit agencies in particular fall behind when it comes to adopting inbound marketing considering its ideal for nonprofit businesses.

The traditional way of reaching a target audience is beginning to fade and now it is necessary to access potential consumers through different and unique facets. Digital marketing creates a whole new arena for a company to be seen. The key is to utilize and understand the importance of inbound marketing.



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