Growth of Search Engine Marketing

 Growth of Search Engine Marketing

Search Engine Marketing has become exceedingly relevant due to mass amounts of competing data and options there are for an everyday user. Marketers now need to make their companies and websites stand out amongst all the routes a consumer could take while surfing the web. Search engine marketing has become a major aspect in gaining a competitive edge in this age of information. Search Engine Marketing has gained popularity due to the growing significance of social media and its impact on the success of marketing.

Search Engine Marketing is all about the accessibility of the website. Successful information retrieval is entirely based on keywords of the website. In order for a website to gain awareness, it is vital that the keywords depict the relevance of the website. According to The Beginners Guide to SEO, “one of the best ways to ‘optimize’ a page’s rankings is to ensure that keywords are prominently used in titles, text, and meta data.” This ensures the accessibility of sites and enables awareness that leads to improved branding.

Due to the high impact of social media, Search Engine Marketing skills will continue to grow in demand. Digital marketing is the future of marketing so such skills will be required for all successful marketing endeavors. Already “nearly a million professionals identify as being an SEO practitioner or having SEO skills” according to Seth Dotterer on his Conductor blog. The chart below expresses the significant increase in just two years of Search Engine Marketing professionals on LinkedIn.


Clearly the demand for Search Engine Marketing skills has become prevalent just in the last few years. It is time to adapt and acquire these new skills in order to succeed as marketers.

The world is at our fingertips and it is time to utilize the accessibility and marketability of this digital lifestyle.



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